Announcing A New Website: Naimoli Universe!

UPDATE: Naimoli Universe has been revamped with Wix! This post has been edited to reflect the revamp. Check out the updated website now, which features new content!

Hello everyone, and I’m sure you’re fully aware of the fact that it’s been a while since my last post. Well, if you’ve noticed the recent changes to the blog, I’ve been doing some renovations in preparation for my return. And I am happy to announce the launch of my new website, Naimoli Universe!

You may recall the original purpose of this blog in my first post, in which I stated that my intent was to get some exposure with work I did not intend to publish. At the time, my idea was to get noticed by publishers so I can eventually put out the works I do want to publish. This was due to my initial belief that putting work on the Internet can mitigate the chances of it being published. But now, I’ve changed my mind and am relaxing my content policy. As I explain in my first post on Naimoli Universe, college has taught me that in this day and age, publishers are actually searching the Internet for content by aspiring writers and illustrators to see if they have enough interest in their work to make them published authors. With this in mind, I felt it was necessary to keep my artwork distinct from what I write here. So, Naimoli Universe will be solely dedicated to my artwork, while the blog will be solely dedicated to my discussion of other children’s book media. Additionally, getting my audience hyped for what I eventually plan to put out in the years to come will only be beneficial for me in the long run.

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