My name is Tyler Joshua Naimoli, and I am a children’s book writer, illustrator, cartoonist, graphic novelist and game designer based in New York City. Since I was ten years old, I have been creating all kinds of characters and works. They were all each their own thing until a few years later, when I decided to make all these works take place in the same continuity, which I call the Naimoli Universe! In May 2021, I graduated from Parsons School of Design and The New School with a dual degree in Illustration / Journalism + Design. In June 2022, I became a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI). This website is where I talk about children’s book media other than my own.

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This is where to get the answers to questions that have been asked and answered before. Instead of asking these questions again, please refer to this section for the answer to the question you are thinking of, unless it hasn’t been added here yet. This section will be updated accordingly.

Q: Will you ever reveal your other projects?

A: Everything will be revealed in time on Naimoli Universe, and hopefully soon. Note that some projects I’m working on will simply not be revealed until it is close to publication, depending on whether or not I’m allowed.

Q: How often will you post?

A: As I am working on launching my career and my other projects, not all the time. However, this is because I try my best to make the best content I could possibly make. I will do everything I can to maintain my presence of course, but if I simply can’t I will be sure to provide updates regarding when I will be able to post again.

Q: Is this site going anywhere after you get published?

A: Probably, since I will likely be completely dedicating my time to my personal work. I invested a lot of time and work to this blog though, and it has been a lot of fun, so I am looking at possible ideas for the site’s future. However, I certainly plan on making the Naimoli Universe Twitter a more personal account for you to stay in touch as many children’s book authors do. And of course, there is the actually published work.


To contact me, visit the Contact page at Naimoli Universe. You have a right to share my work, for as long as you ask for my permission and credit me. If you would like to use my work in any way beyond simply sharing it or have any other inquiries, feel free to contact me. Be confident that I won’t misuse your information.


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