An Animorphs Revival Is Finally Here – Will It Succeed?

Wow, it’s sure been a while since my last post about an Animorphs movie, isn’t it? Well, let’s just say that since that time, I and many fans have been quite surprised to see an ongoing revival of a certain property that we never thought Scholastic would revive:

Yes, that’s right: an Animorphs revival is finally here, with Scholastic doubling down on their efforts to reintroduce the property to a new generation of readers. Among such exciting developments include a re-release of the original covers of the books, a graphic novel adaptation of the series, and most excitingly, a movie that is actually happening this time around. Unfortunately, the revival hasn’t been going too smooth for Scholastic, from negative reception to the new re-releases to some shaky developments on the film.

Some of it is surreal, some of it is nerve-wracking, but so is an alien invasion of mind-controlling slugs. Let’s take a claw swipe at what’s been happening, shall we? 🐯 🦍🐺🐻🦅

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