Why No Animorphs Movie, K.A. Applegate?

Hello everyone, and I’m back to talk about another children’s book series that has, quite unfortunately, fallen into obscurity in recent years but has nonetheless left something of an impact that deserves to stick around: Animorphs.


Chances are that today’s readers haven’t heard of it, so for those of you out there, Animorphs was a popular children’s book series published during the 1990’s that dealt with five children who witnessed the crashing of an alien ship at an abandoned construction site. Out came a dying alien who granted them the ability to morph into any animal they touched in order to complete the mission that he started: to stop an alien invasion of Earth involving parasitic slugs called Yerrks. It was one of the darker children’s book series out there in the same league as Harry Potter, dealing with child heroes coming to realize that they were basically drafted into war. In the case of Animorphs, the titular characters had the additional mentality of the animal they took on to deal with in addition to the implications of war, giving the books an insightful commentary on what it means to be human, on both a literal and philosophical level.

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