The Top Ten Best Original Magic Tree House Books

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Hello everyone, and I’m back at it again with a new book series ranking post. In my last such post, I ranked the Big Nate book series in my own personal order of worst to best. Now, it’s time for me to head back to the first children’s book series I ever had a favorite for: Magic Tree House.

Jack and Annie.pngThere are a lot of books in the Magic Tree House series, so I thought about exactly how I would approach this list until I decided to rank the top ten best books in the original series. And while the Merlin Missions series deserves its own list, I left it out for two reasons. The series is not yet complete, so it cannot be fairly judged in its entirety yet. And even if it was complete, I have yet to catch up on it, which would add to the unfairness. But even without the Merlin Missions series, thanks to the sheer size of the series as a whole, an honorable mentions list will be possible this time. And while it won’t be long, I’d just like to make it clear that all the books in the series are pretty much great, and I was just searching for the absolute best, so it was a rather tough list to make in general. And of course, before I begin, I would like to give a heads up to some minor spoilers to the books as usual.

With that being said, it’s time to pick up those books, point to a place and wish to go there!


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