Drawing Children’s Book Characters In My Style: Magic School Bus Edition

Hello everyone, and I’m back with a new round of the Drawing Children’s Book Characters In My Style series. This time, I am going on a new field trip (sorry, Arnold) and tackling the supporting cast of The Magic School Bus in celebration of the anniversary of the first book in the series, At the Waterworks.


At first, I was going to release this post to coincide with the release of the third season of The Magic School Bus Rides Again, or when the show got officially cancelled. Well, as it stands, it’s been over a year since the release of the second season, so there definitely won’t be a third season at this point. And it seems that even Netflix forgot the show existed, because there has still been no word on a cancellation. So, since I can’t take this wait anymore, I’ve decided to release this post already given this long break I’m taking from the blog, and whatever happens with Rides Again happens.

In other news, while I’ve been on my break, I finally decided to check out the renovated Scholastic headquarters at 130 Mercer Street. And I’m sad to report that you may disregard what I said earlier about visiting the Scholastic Store. It turns out that they decided to close down the store with the renovation, making it solely a business building. I won’t judge them for the change as they had their reasons, but it’s still a shame. It really was the coolest thing ever, and it was a pretty memorable part of my childhood. I can only imagine how many of today’s kids will miss out on a store whose childlike character left such an impression on me, and I wish I visited it more often before they closed it. I’m slightly happier to report that there is a Hunger Games poster to the right of the lobby, and a cool Captain Underpants statue above the stairs to the left of the poster. This means that the offices still have their childlike spirit, so that’s cool to see.

Gone, but not forgotten.

Now, before I start this round, I would like to make it clear that as far as I’m concerned, the Rides Again versions of the characters never existed, and we’re going to keep things book accurate and original series accurate here. So there’s that.

Anyway, here are the usual rules before I begin:

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