You Didn’t Stink, Stank, Stunk Too Badly Mr. Grinch, And That’s The Problem


Huh. Okay…I think I can live with this. I think.

The_Grinch,_final_posterSo if you don’t know what’s happening (and c’mon, how could you NOT know what’s happening after a disturbingly high number of advertisements?), The Grinch came and went, and well…the results are pretty much fine. The film succeeded in its purpose of being better than the 2000 film in both critical and financial performance. And while that’s great, how great is it really? The film may have achieved its goal, but it hasn’t really made much of an effort to outpace the live-action film on an impressive scale. And between this and the oversaturated marketing, it hadn’t occurred to me until recently that this was actually very predictable because of two factors: Illumination Entertainment, which I didn’t really place that much of an emphasis on before, and believe it or not, Audrey Geisel to some extent.

And while some of you may be cheering over this revelation I’ve made about Illumination, what I mean about Geisel may have to be made a bit more clear. But either way, it’s time to discuss the problem of why the Grinch didn’t stink, stank, stunk too badly.

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