Welcome to the Fanart page of the Naimoli Children’s Books Blog!

This is the repository for all of my fan-made work that is released here on the blog, which includes artwork and videos.


Children’s Book Characters In My Art Style Series 

Characters A-F

Characters G-M

Characters N – R

Characters S-Z


Poptropica: Explore Collect Come Watch Concept Trailer

Despite what it may seem, I don’t plan on actually making this right now – a movie is an ambitious project! The frames in which you see “This Summer” are merely for presentational purposes (it’s also an attractive season for movie releases). Who knows though – anything can happen! But this is it for now, a concept trailer for a film based on Jeff Kinney’s Poptropica franchise, which I call Poptropica: Explore. Collect. Come Watch. (Check this post for more information!)

Greg Heffley Zoetrope

I just remembered this Greg Heffley zoetrope I created for a college class and decided to share it. Middle school does feel like it’s on a loop for him, doesn’t it?


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