Izzy Speechbubbles Makes A New Friend In Her Second Story!

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Hello everyone, and yes, you’re seeing that right: the second installment to The Cross Dimensional Awareness of Izzy Speechbubbles is now complete and available! But before you check it out, I should remind you of something regarding the story’s release, if you didn’t already know. I was meaning to upload the Izzy Speechbubbles stories to my DeviantArt page for quite some time. As you can see, production on Izzy’s stories have been much slower than I’ve been wanting them to be, and I was tired of stalling. During my time working on the second book, I was hoping to release the entire book all at once as I did the first. However, the slow process resulted in the earlier pages being long overdue for a release.

So, like I have been doing for the drawings of children’s book characters in my art style, I’ve been uploading new pages for each new book in the series on my DeviantArt as I just finish them, rather than just releasing the whole thing as a new blog post first. That way, the wait for more Izzy will be that much shorter, if initially incomplete. The pages for each installment in the series have their own folders, to separate them from the children’s book character drawings. Come the release of the third book and subsequent installments, you can now see them come together in their own folders.

Anyway, back to this installment: The Cross Dimensional Awareness of Izzy Speechbubbles #2: Making New Friends! The synopsis for the second book is as displayed below:

Ever since Izzy Speechbubbles found out she was a comic character as well as her ability to jump between comic worlds, she has been having the time of her life! Many worlds have been traversed with the unacceptable exception of Tropical Paradise Comics, but with responsibilities to uphold to with the new school year, that will unfortunately have to wait. When the great Dr. McErudine helps Izzy with her homework, he decides to lend her a device he made that enables teleportation to any world previously visited. But new distractions to paradise arrive with Izzy’s best friend, Ming, and Ming’s new friend, Demi, whom Izzy doesn’t exactly like after an unfortunate incident. And when Demi finds McErudine’s device and accidentally falls into the Nexus, Izzy will have to make choices that may involve spilling some secrets – and learn valuable lessons about friendship along the way.

So with that being said, it’s time to give the spotlight back to Izzy before she starts complaining. 😉 Hope you enjoy it!

ISI2 CoverB2P1B2P2Book Two Page ThreeBook Two Page FourBook Two Page FiveBook Two Page SixBook Two Page SevenBook Two Page EightBook Two Page Nine.jpgBook Two Page TenBook Two Page ElevenBook Two Page Twelve.jpgBook Two Page Thirteen.jpgBook Two Page FourteenBook Two Page Fifthteen.jpgBook Two Page SixteenBook Two Page SeventeenBook Two Page Eighteen.jpg

Hope you enjoyed Izzy’s return, and given how much longer this book is than the first, I’m sure you can see why it’s taken this long to put out the second installment. As Izzy said herself, a comic takes a pretty long time to make, at least a good one anyway, so it’s naturally going to be quite time-consuming. Because of this, I promise that the next installment in the series will be much shorter than possibly even the first book. As for what adventure Izzy will get herself into next? Well, the wait for that won’t be nearly as long, because I’ll be revealing the cover to the third book pretty soon. 😉

Until this eight-year old comic jumps again, folks. 💬


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