Izzy Speechbubbles Comic Jumps Her Way Into Her First Story!

Izzy Speechbubbles Logo

Hey everyone, and I am officially here with the first issue of The Cross Dimensional Awareness of Izzy Speechbubbles, ready for your viewing pleasure! You can also view the issue on the Comics page. I won’t reveal too much, but prepare for a story of charm, fantasy, wonder, and even a couple lessons to learn along the way about family and responsibility.

But that’s enough from me – if I keep ranting on, Izzy will probably start complaining that I’m in the spotlight too long. 😉 So without farther ado, here is the first issue of The Cross Dimensional Awareness of Izzy Speechbubbles!

ISI1 Cover.jpg


Hope you enjoyed this installment! And I might as well give everyone the heads up – I’ll be posting a few more posts about certain things going on in the world of children’s literature, but after that, I might not be able to post for a while due to college really starting to pile up. Other kinds of posts apart from this one may be possible over the next couple months, but I definitely won’t be able to post the next installment of Izzy until at least spring break in March.

So I apologize in advance, but don’t worry, for some interesting stuff is coming for sure in the meantime. Until then, stay enlightened, educated and entertained, folks. 😉


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